Monday, June 08, 2009

To the Web's Politcal Daily Headliners

To the Web's Political Daily Headliners

I had just come across, stumbled upon, or whatever term is currently vogue for the original, surfing the web, a web item to here:

FDA on the verge of getting congressional approval to regulate tobacco from this site I recently found the same way and left comment on a article about a dispute whether one staff writer was "fired" for political opinion or that he was just saying the word f*** too many times in his columns and wasn't savvy enough to use the Battle Star Galactica's FRACK.

After leaving my comment and thanking the team who put the Politics Daily for putting together such a nifty team I started going through their stories, leads etc.

I guess posting Administrative Notes as I do at "MY Common Sense Politics isn't allowed only in clearly delineated "opinion" sections. Frankly I think that a writer, news gatherer, or investigative journalist should be obligated to opine upon the FACTS of a story...but clearly indicate so.

This is one of the reasons I invented term MEANSTREAM MEDIA. They intentionally do NOT tell you that the news they just reported was a governmental, corporate, military, political, or personal lie.

FDA regulating tobacco while it won't even consider HEMP when it has been scientifically PROVEN to CURE CANCER.

Proof? Who, what, when, where, why, and How could such a thing be?

Assuredly the Meanstream scientists, pharma-scientists or others would have JUMPED on such a thing if true ! What Nonsense. Pooh-bah !!! Meanstream Says.

Follow the money deep throat said.

Is there more money $$ in cancer TREAMENTS or cancer CURES?

MCSP Hemp Videos

This plant was grown by our founding generation, Ford made a WORKING CAR out of just all HEMP Henry Ford Hemp Car

It's five leaves match our human digits, yet we have thrown more than 20 MILLION people into prison for HEMP-related offenses ONLY..i.e. no drinking n driving AND hemp, no other "illegal" action than having possession of HEMP, even if prescribed by a DOCTOR.

And we, as NATION, are about to undertake an enormous, all expansive experiment in Universal Health Care Coverage from conception to death...yet the MOST beneficial plant known since the DAWN OF illegal in the United States of America...the "Land of the Free?"

Common Sense Brutal Truths.

It is PAST time we hit the "re-set" button on this Frank Herbert version of a "Golden Path" into the future. Otherwise Earth will look like Mars and we can't even re-build the Egyptian Pyramids here on Earth, much less repeat what lays open and crying into the indifferent Universe on the plains of Cydonia.

May you discover the wonder of the Universe heartbeat to heartbeat.



Anonymous said...

I remember bringing this up with a friend I was staying with in San Fran in the 90's. He just said "don't believe everything that you read" to my Hemp and Dupont history lesson. Usually a fair enough truth, but why do I hear this disarming answer to so many statements ? He assumed that I had believed it all when I was merely bringing up the subject ! I think this is so often the problem with these things. People think we're preaching to them when most people are just seeking dialog.

DJ Barney

robert said...

I think your right and hope ,pre young people QUESTION their educators. I don't KNOW if that is ging on or not today as I am not at CCC nor do I hang out with students or teachers much anymore. I'm trying to stop haigography from being the "truth" of these times and document with brutal truth ALL that I can in my areas of interest.

djbarney said...

I've seen and heard students and young people being critical. Seeing as Fascist powers don't publicise such interesting truisms as the fact that people still in touch with their bio-core will tenaciously question and get out the most hidden of truths, we won't be hearing about the "paradigm shift happening now". Anyhow the truth and the problem was discovered by Reich almost 70 years ago in 1933 - at least his version of it and that's when he managed to publish it - The Mass Psychology of Fascism. I now consider it a key work. It explains why people publish endless articles about corruption and then fail to understand why people don't rise up. It explains why we go around in this endless cycle. It explains why thinking in terms of "bad guys and good guys" is a really bad idea.

Most people carry around huge amounts of tension in their bodies (Reich would call this armouring) as a result of their sexuality - the primal force - being repressed in childhood by family, Church and morality. This is what throws a spanner in the works. This is why so many people either, on the one hand pass fascist policies, or on the other say they are against those policies but fail to vanquish them, or just stay in apathy while their rights are taken away - even often voting for the people they hate !

Reich is the missing element between Freud and Jung - the triad that can set us free.