Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Military Investigations by JCOS of White House

Military Investigations by JCOS of White House

Dear General Joint Chief of Staff,

By definition, The Commander in Chief falls under the Military Code of Justice. These are the "rules" you go by to follow your oaths to protect this Country and it's Constitution from ALL enemies "foreign or domestic". It has become clear by now that the over-all military readiness, fitness, and ability to carry out ONE COMMANDER'S orders has seriously hurt our Country's ability to fight a battle in any more 'theatres'.

Since your original orders were to topple an old ally you once sold chemical weapons for their 'proxy' war with Iran, on America's behest, then to ferret out and/or destroy any and all remaining after the First Gulf war. Well, you and our soldiers have accomplished your mission. The 'Commander in Chief' even landed on a carrier deck and declared it to be accomplished.

Any other orders except to leave the country as a fighting military strike force basis were not in the best interests of the United States. Everyone has come to realize this. The 'follow-up' was a Diplomatic effort for the State Department of the Executive Branch. If the President wanted to "hire-out" or "commercialize" his own private Army of Mercenaries to watch over the Diplomats, that was HIS business as President with Congress over funding, NOT "Commander in Chief".

Now that we also know we ALL were led into the Iraq War on "cherry picked" and unsubstantiated rumors, it is time I wish to call on the courage the Military has ALWAYS shown in fighting our enemies. It is time to act upon the part of your oath that my nephew took to protect the Constitution and Country against all foreign and DOMESTIC enemies. Because now our enemies include those of the domestic variety.

The destruction of emails inside the White House and from there to other parties breaks federal and MCOJ laws and procedures. The Congress is too divided in political partisanship to effectively carry out their Constitutional duties. We, the PEOPLE of America are counting on the Regular Military to protect our Republic and the Freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution and abiding by principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

This President and Vice President have made this Iraq War into a money machine for corporations across the US and American tied interests across the globe. It is NOT the Military's job to 'capture' sovereign space just to steal their resources. They are violating the Military Code of Justice which GUIDES the military under CIVILIAN rule.

There is NOTHING stopping President Bush or Vice President Cheney from issuing orders to Blackwater employees to carry out a ‘private’ mission without the authorization of Congress and going OVER the heads of the Civilian Ruled Military. He could tap into a pilot’s plane and give the co-ordinates to fire on an Iranian position without provocation. He could order Blackwater on a covert operation to attack inside Iran. President Bush is intent on initiating a conflict with Iran BEFORE leaving office. The Regular Enlisted Military may not be able to stop this “Privatized Military Army”, many whom are retired professional soldiers, now working for a religious zealot who rules with impunity and fires ANY regular Military Commander who disagrees with him. We, YOU have seen this in the past…many times.

My plan is simple in overall implementation, difficult to have the courage to implement. But it is the right thing to do for your men and women who have served tour after tour doing the same work for less money than the President's (not The CIC's ) 'mercenaries'. Civilian control of the role of "Commander in Chief" and holder to the box of nuclear launch codes MUST be transferred down to the Speaker of the House.

An announcement must be made, in public, that the Joints Chiefs have only 'begun' an investigation into MCOJ violations by the President and potential violations of the MCOJ by the Vice-President. Since the MCOJ rules state a Commander under 'investigation' can be temporarily relieved of his/her command the Joints Chiefs have decided to relieve the President of the title "Commander in Chief" of the Civilian Controlled Armed Services and to pass that control to The Speaker of the House until the investigation is concluded. The Speaker now speaks as the LEGAL "Civilian Commander-in-Chief" until your investigations are concluded.

That's it. No questions afterward. Simply walk off stage. Before making that announcement you will of course have 'switched' the codes and sent two sets out that morning, one to the President as usual, and the REAL ones to The Speaker of the House.

That is how we get out of Iraq and back to getting the Taliban and Osama bin Laden...who WERE the terrorists that hit us on 9-11...not "al-queda in Iraq". There were no ‘al-queda’ in Iraq BEFORE we invaded under false pretenses. Vietnam has taught us that lesson we have forgotten. The President with Congress can carry on with their 'mercenary army' in the Diplomatic moves that must be made to SOLVE the entire issue of Iraq and the whole Middle East. You CANNOT force Democracy by the point of a gun. Period. You folks know that...the President and Vice-President have a 'delusional view' otherwise.

It is hurting our National Security at home and abroad. It is costing more in blood and money than they promised. Of course since nearly everything was based on lies, what's more broken promises? But most of all it is hurting the men and women in uniform under your JOINT COMMANDS. You KNOW they are suffering, their families are suffering, your readiness is suffering, your ability to care properly for all the vets coming home. It's become like you are following two insane domestic enemies who have been taken over by EBEs.

Remember these statements by President Bush:

"The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him." —Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001

And as he “Cherry Picked” Intelligence for the war with Iraq:

"I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." —Washington, D.C., March 13, 2002

Six months later the “Mastermind” behind the 9-11 attacks was no longer our Nation’s top priority?

The time has come for the MILITARY portion of our government to see the futile exercise of carrying out impossible and insane orders without the resources to do it; while paying commercial mercenaries more money and benefits than your regular troops YOU are supposed to be watching out for their welfare. Time for some brass to use their cahjones and ovaries and stand up to this rotten to the core EXECUTIVE branch of government as 'possible domestic enemies' and pass civilian control to the LEGISLATIVE branch of government, who is next in line of The Constitution.
By the Book.

Robert H. Williams
Mooers NY