Saturday, August 13, 2005

Area 51 Where are You?

Especially now that the fleet is grounded once more, with Discovery now safely on the ground; it is VITAL that ALL space enthusiasts write, fax, call, and email their political representatives and their local and mainstream media. In your own words you need to point out that Area 51 HAS superior technological aerodynamic machines than ANY other place on the planet. Don't THEY have something better and safer than the shuttle for getting into orbit? Why doesn't the media and political and defense leadership honestly address this question? Should Astronauts continue to be sacrificed for some false sense of national security when better access to space exists at Area 51 and the Utah Facilities and other bases around the globe in the deepblack projects of DARPA? America has no 'space fleet' right now capable of flying by mainstream standards and we are once more dependant on the Russians for rides to space. Soon we'll have to include the Chinese as well.

From the we KNOW from Astronauts, Military, Governmental FAA, FBI, DMA, CIA, DARPA, Pentagon personnel from AirForce, Marines, Navy, Army, CoastGuard and even civilian persons of note have made sworn testimony they would like to get before congress that America already HAS and is USING anti-gravity propulsion technology to go from ground to orbit and beyond easily, safely and routinely. One of the main reasons for secrecy is not only the technology of how it is done, but especially the fact that humanity is not alone in the Solar System, much less the Universe itself.

This denial and refusal to LOOK with a SERIOUS intent on declassifying SOME of the Area 51 aerospace capabilities will continue to cost Astronaut lives, billions in wasted tax dollars, and a lost of the American vision and dream. We will not shape the political and economics of the coming Solar System dynamics.

You can help change this by writing, calling, faxing, emailing the prattling politicians, the babbling bureaucrats, the mindless media minions both local and national. The time for Area 51 to come out of the closet is NOW !

It is time to stop throwing dice with Astronaut lives in a game that is rigged against them to begin with. This is like not providing proper armor to our troops in the first years of this Iraq war. We are not providing the BEST aerospace capabilities to our space effort. It really IS that simple. I thank creation people like Richard Hoagland, Dr. Tom VanFlandern, Dr. Mark Carlotto and others are holding NASA's feet to the fire. We need to also act in concert and make our voices heard.

Today August 12, 2005 is the 40th anniversary of the start of the Jefferson Airplane which morphed into just The Starship and is also the launch date of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). This new Mars orbiter will return more data than all other US Missions combined NASA says. It also says that this new HiRes Camera on the orbiter will be “The People’s Camera” allowing the public to request imaging specific targets and also the promise by NASA to provide the software and availability of that data for independent processing of that data from those requested targets. NASA has been very very reticent in complying in the past with its own mandated release dates of data. The MGS MOC first data dump to the Planetary Data System (PDS) took the intervention of then First Lady Hillary Clinton for Dr. Mike Malin of Malin Space Science Systems and NASA and JPL to release this data; more than 18 months AFTER the due date:

Other examples of NASA non-compliance can be followed here:

There has also been media talk throughout the Discovery Mission about retiring the shuttle fleet earlier than planned so that funds can be diverted to the new Crew Exploration Vehicle currently under ‘developmental study’ by two aerospace consortiums. What should be included into this discussion is once more, the high-technology of Area 51 Dreamland and the Utah test flight facilities and anything else run by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). It is imperative that this type of defense to civilian conversion be undertaken to some degree to save the lives of astronauts and to bring about the vision of humans getting out of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and moving once more back to the Moon and onto Mars.

The recent Deep Impact mission has proved that the ‘mainstream scientific’ model of comets no longer ‘holds water’ as it were. Ground based observations spectra released to date show that Comet Temple 1 is more like an asteroid with a hard exterior than a loose conglomeration of ices that the ‘mainstream model’ proposes. It is one more ‘mainstream model’ of what was once thought to be true about our Universe, isn’t. These ‘mainstream models’ are falling faster and faster as science ever marches forward and data is fought over to be released time and time again by people who are not invested with the current regime of keeping the current ‘paradigm’ unchanged and unmoving.

Since landing on the Moon, humans now have cell phones with text, voice and streaming video, auto-robotic automation invasive everywhere, home computers more powerful than any of those on either the Shuttle or the International Space Station, car computers that are more powerful than those in the ISS; yet we still power those cars by the decayed by-products of dinosaurs, oil. If we don’t do something to get humanity permanently off planet Earth, humans will go the way of the dinosaurs and become extinct. If President Bush Jr wants to do more than make empty promises of returning to the Moon and Mars as his father did when he was President a decade ago…he better hurry up.

President John F. Kennedy inspired us to get to the Moon within that 10 year period starting from behind the Russians and still not even comfortable in LEO yet. In the last 10 years we haven’t been able to even keep the Shuttle flying reliably, we’ve lost 2 Mars probes because someone forgot to turn feet into meters, and we’ve allowed our nations’ children to become one of the lowest educational scoring students of the industrialized nations. NASA isn’t the inspirational leader and national pride it used to be. NASA and DARPA have kept too many secrets and it is time for Area 51 Dreamland to come out of the closet and bring our civilian space program into the 21st Century where it deserves to be. With our shuttle fleet now grounded we are once more dependant upon the Russians for human space flight. If our American astronaut onboard the ISS needed to return to Earth for an emergency right now…we couldn’t do it. Soon we will also be able to turn to the Chinese for a ride into space. But American flights? No, at least no declassified abilities for spaceflight.

There is hard scientific physical and testimonial evidence that we are not alone in the Universe and that planet Earth has been visited by Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE) in the past, and is continuing today. There is hard physical scientific evidence that Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) existed on the planet Mars in a place called Cydonia Mensae. A mile wide partially humanoid FACE that is 1.5 miles in length sits there crying into the indifferent stars. It remains a FACE despite NASA/JPL ‘science by press release’ stating it is not. Those with the ability to take the raw data, correctly process it and present that data have shown conclusively that ‘chance’ and ‘trick of light n shadow’ are chimera answers given by a government agency with a secret agenda at the very top of its power structure. They have also shown how NASA has tried to muddy the perception of the public through manipulation of data through public press releases that are simply propaganda and not science.

From a current NASA engineer:

And the corporate controlled media do not question the scientists, nor the science. They do not do their own research, they do not learn how to process the data generated and they do not report or ask questions that might get them banned from NASA/JPL press access. Bringing up the subject of Area 51 Dreamland and what it might hold for our civilian aerospace development wasn’t mentioned a single time in the whole Discovery mission despite the foam insulation and tile problems. Why not? Why hasn’t the media done even 1/10 th the effort put into the Monica Lewinsky scandal into finding out if DARPA has something much much better than the shuttle for aerospace access out there in Area 51? Why haven’t they looked into the hard science that SOME Flying Saucers are examples of ETI activity currently in Earth air space? The French, Russian, Brazilian and Chinese space programs openly say these phenomenon are real and are not of this Earth. Why hasn’t the media covered NASA’s non-answer to this issue?

But a more important question remains unanswered. And it is a personal question for every American today who has ever thought of a better future for themselves and their children. Why haven’t YOU taken any ACTION to ask the media (local and national), your politicians (local and national), and the military these questions yourself? While our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters die and are maimed everyday in a faraway place for our freedoms; how are WE exercising those freedoms honorably? Or are we simply the coach potato sheeple who believe everything we are told by our government and media? Do we have to courage to even ask questions when others are dying to keep that right alive in this country? Do we care enough to take some ACTION and demand some brutal truthful honest answers and an end to the secrecy surrounding the ETI issue? The answer is up to you dear reader.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Don't make promises and policies you don't intend to keep and to keep
the policies and promises you do make.

ACTIONS speak louder than words.
ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.
ACTIONS are the final judgement of character.

It REALLY is that simple.

Bob... :D