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2006...I'm Still Alive...So...What now?

2006...I'm Still Alive...So...What now

2006...I'm Still Alive...So...What now?

Where has rhw007 been?
Other than family and friendly Marsophiles probobly nobody much cared when I disappeared to November 5,2005 and went into my second open heart surgery experience. Seems my 'guaranteed' last time needed back in 1992 when I went through this didn't quite hold up since I wasn't totaly disabled back then like I should have been, working kept making problems which only got worse and some type of infectious disease took hold which I am taking IV treatment every three-four days into permenant IV lines in my right arm. Hopefully this treatment will end by end of next week.

I want to thank Gary Mars Revealer, Betsy who wrote and a few more folks who called but my wife didn't write names down. I apologize its been a stressful time for us all here. I guess I am coming to realize I am grateful for just being here as the heart disease which gave me the November 5, 2005 attack should have killed me 5-7 years after the 1992 plastic cyborg parts were put in. I'll likely be written up in journals somewhere and my blood being analyzed for something that kept me going when I should have been dead twice over. I am. And I am just as cantactorous as ever. Heard I had to be hog-tied to my hospital bed for 4 nights close to end of surgery recovery because I wanted to get out and get going and trusted no-one in the white coats and face masks. Who could blame me? I remember next to nothing since being placed in ambulance until 2-3 days I went from hospital to re-hab...only a vague and recurring nightmare about Harry Potter's new movie and them all laughing in the clouds among the tree-tops over misty lakes.

I'm disapointed that no-one has yet had the ovaries that Rosa Parks had or cajhones other brave souls have had and Hikacked that damn Starship from Area 51/Dreamland yet.

Doesn't surprise me though. Neither does the news of the days since I got out on December 12, 2005 to now. Iraq war still going at 1 Billion buck-a-roos a day and more than one dead American per day. Bush has actually given an estimate to Iraqi dead at 30,000 and it's still going on with more than 10,000 American wounded here at home. The 'War on Terror' doesn't seem to be under any better management than when I left.

It's hit the news that what I had told others (and told I was a crazy conspiratist) shortly after 9-11 is really going on at the NEO-CONS of this Administration had installed and undertaken a coup of America to spy on and control the American government at ALL levels from Supreme Court to Congress...this Administration wants Bush to be that dictator he so sorely commented on when he was running for President in 2000. Well folks, especially those who stayed home, you got what you wanted and ain't he special.

The National Security Agency is no longer even asking for warrants to wire-tap electronic communications between Americans...ANYWHERE. Don't believe the phony bull-story that they only spied on American calls overseas, they spy on EVERYBODY, everywhere, every second of every day on every electronic communication on and around the planet...period. They also have spy satelites and remote controled flying vehicles that can spy over any piece of real estate on the planet. Without warrants and without legal authority to do so, and it won't ever stop. Not now, not ever especially since they have the infrastructure built in and several years experience in doing this. question I would like to ask the NSA and Bush...with all that power and all that money and technology...where is Osama Bin'Laden? Isn't HE the one we're supposed to be after? And the Iraqi insurgency isn't going away and never will as long as America is occupying their country. It IS that simple. Bush should have stuck to his campaign promise not to get into 'Nation building'; he's not very good at it.

I am resigned to the fact that these political truths are true and there is nothing I can do about them and nothing much anyone will be able to do about them. I've seen the lack of will power in many faces in 2005. Whether it was the combo punches of Katrina and Rita along with wildfires, floods, economic disaster for the middle class getting deeper in debt and working twice as hard to get four times more behind in their payments at the gas and fuel pumps; there is a will to fight the powers that be that is just gone. We've become a nation of people just plain too tired to revolt anymore about nearly anything. We've narrowed our focus to our own little families and worry about making it ourselves than have the will power to gather together to make the necessary changes or scream loud enough to be heard.

Someday that might come and I think that day is coming soon. Fuel oil heating bills and credit card debt will hit middle Americans like Katrina and Rita did all across America into each and every home and each and every household. This winter will be especially tough on the majority of Americans as even many charities did not meet goals they had set for fund raising and more and more people are using public food shelves which are getting fewer and fewer donations for restocking. I say we all go to the Crawford Ranch for barbecue and shelter from the coming storms, because storms are coming both weather-wise and financial storms that will hit Americans real hard.

The War on Terror will continue to drain more than ONE (1) Billion a day away from the American economy and the Medicaid Drug plan will be a disaster for seniors as they find out they have to pay more and more for prescription drugs...and don't have the money to pay. Many will simply die because of this one fact alone, many will loose retirement investments, homes and many will be put into public nursing homes as families already burdened with fuel bills and credit debt can't afford to continue to care for their elders within their families anymore. It is simple facts, it is inevitable with this Administration on this course we are currently on.

I've mentioned this wrong 'path' we've been on before and it is becoming clearer and clearer I was right. Even Bush is now openly admitting mistakes made, wrong choices made, poor planning and execution from the top. How much longer do we let these same bumpkins keep making the same mistakes in Iraq? The BIGGEST mistake being made by this Administration is simply lying to the American people, day-in and day-out. From the 'slam-dunk' to well beyond the 'Mission Accomplished' carrier landing this Administration has been openly and brazenly deceiving the American people, and the entire planet for that matter, about what their true intentions are and what they plan for the future. Think we'll get a change with new elections in 2008? Anything can happen with this administration, including another major national American disaster and canceling of Presidential elections and declaring Martial Law. And they have enough of the Supreme Court appointees to uphold it all.

I'm also not happy, nor am I not surprised, that the European Space Agency still has not released any Cydonia data or studies. There will likey not be anything on this area until the Mars Reconnasaince Orbiter and HiRes Camera gets there and is overseen by NASA AMES Research Center and its Public Outreach program. That is likely another 14-18 months away for return and RELEASE of Cydonia data from that orbiter (presuming the Martian Ghoul doesn't get to it first).

I'm only hoping that since Bush's 'Moon-Mars' plan calls for an 'Apollo on Steroids' type plan, that the Russians and Chinese get the big in-your-FACE hint that THEIR hardware and participation in that plan is not invited and they will join forces and fast-track their own plans to get there and expand human exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Since NASA Chief Mike Griffen's plans to get back to the Moon within 5 years was shot down in internal meetings with the Administration when the plan was put forth over a year ago, I am rooting for someone else to get beyond LEO since it seems this Administration can't get it's mindset out of one little sand Kingdom called Iraq and plans on being there for a decade or more. For a Billion a day we could have boots on Cydonia on Mars within a decade yet this 'Golden Path' this Administration is on is still stuck in the sands of Iraq...and who says this isn't becoming a Vietnam-like quagmire? Frack, even in the 1960's we still went to the Moon durring that we can't even cover senior prescription drugs and fight at the same time anymore.

We'll its officially 2006 here now and I'm going to post the blog entry since I'm tired and will update later if more rantings come to mind.

I apologize for CommonSenseCentral being down. But while I had surgery things got changed and I'm not in a position to affect anything about a large amount of webspace and bandwidth at the moment but I will list places where I hang out check things from time to time:

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