Monday, June 08, 2009

To the Web's Politcal Daily Headliners

To the Web's Political Daily Headliners

I had just come across, stumbled upon, or whatever term is currently vogue for the original, surfing the web, a web item to here:

FDA on the verge of getting congressional approval to regulate tobacco from this site I recently found the same way and left comment on a article about a dispute whether one staff writer was "fired" for political opinion or that he was just saying the word f*** too many times in his columns and wasn't savvy enough to use the Battle Star Galactica's FRACK.

After leaving my comment and thanking the team who put the Politics Daily for putting together such a nifty team I started going through their stories, leads etc.

I guess posting Administrative Notes as I do at "MY Common Sense Politics isn't allowed only in clearly delineated "opinion" sections. Frankly I think that a writer, news gatherer, or investigative journalist should be obligated to opine upon the FACTS of a story...but clearly indicate so.

This is one of the reasons I invented term MEANSTREAM MEDIA. They intentionally do NOT tell you that the news they just reported was a governmental, corporate, military, political, or personal lie.

FDA regulating tobacco while it won't even consider HEMP when it has been scientifically PROVEN to CURE CANCER.

Proof? Who, what, when, where, why, and How could such a thing be?

Assuredly the Meanstream scientists, pharma-scientists or others would have JUMPED on such a thing if true ! What Nonsense. Pooh-bah !!! Meanstream Says.

Follow the money deep throat said.

Is there more money $$ in cancer TREAMENTS or cancer CURES?

MCSP Hemp Videos

This plant was grown by our founding generation, Ford made a WORKING CAR out of just all HEMP Henry Ford Hemp Car

It's five leaves match our human digits, yet we have thrown more than 20 MILLION people into prison for HEMP-related offenses ONLY..i.e. no drinking n driving AND hemp, no other "illegal" action than having possession of HEMP, even if prescribed by a DOCTOR.

And we, as NATION, are about to undertake an enormous, all expansive experiment in Universal Health Care Coverage from conception to death...yet the MOST beneficial plant known since the DAWN OF illegal in the United States of America...the "Land of the Free?"

Common Sense Brutal Truths.

It is PAST time we hit the "re-set" button on this Frank Herbert version of a "Golden Path" into the future. Otherwise Earth will look like Mars and we can't even re-build the Egyptian Pyramids here on Earth, much less repeat what lays open and crying into the indifferent Universe on the plains of Cydonia.

May you discover the wonder of the Universe heartbeat to heartbeat.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Meanstream Media Mice

Meanstream Media Mice

April 27, 2009

Recently the Meanstream Media Mice have been in a mea-culpa mode about not questioning Bush Administration Officials more ‘thoroughly’ to getting to “The Brutal Truths.” Which is after all, their ‘job’ as the 4th Estate to penetrate the walls and stalls of political power to bring us what is REALLY happening in our government. They now bemoan the loss of the newspapers as readerships decline and fail to see that REAL news has also been declining along with the decline in subscriptions. Anyone can copy government “Press Releases” add a sentence or two and release it to the public as “The News”. Meanstream Media newspaper and TV anchors merely are becoming government mice mouth pieces spinning in the wheels of government running too fast to bother to stop and see if there is anything under their feet or even a bit of cheese at the end of the maze.

Lately it seems the Meanstream Media has found themselves being handed moldy, rotten or otherwise un-tasty treats coming from their efforts. My gosh President George Bush Jr. himself justified torture even before the first strike into Afghanistan had been launched has become ‘news’. He lied to us! gee, ya think politicians don’t lie? Not to mention that our current President Barrack Obama doesn’t want to “look back but forward” and prosecute outright criminal activity when it comes to the higher power players. One never knows if torture might be useful himself. Is this why no Meanstream Media Mouse has mentioned that Git-Mo style techniques, rules and procedures still endure at Bhagram Airbase in Afghanistan, along with continued protectionist profit for the drug lords of the opium and heroin trade? (Shades of Oliver North n Nicaraguan Cocaine !)

Or could it be as simple as the fact that Obama is as much a student stooge of the Council on Foreign Relations and the New American Century who note that their goals would require: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” (pg 63)

Nor was it questioned how “The Patriot Act” was ready in less than one week of Sept 11, 2001 and was to pass against ANY modifications? In one fell swoop we sacrificed our rights for a false sense of security. Why was there NO plane wreckage at Shanksville PA? Why was there no Airplane hole in the Pentagon walls before collapsing and no large fire? Why did THREE (3) highly engineered towers collapse of small fires into dust at “free-fall demolition speed”? Why do the Firefighters for 9-11 truth swear AND news reports of that day report secondary explosions at GROUND level and all the way up and down the towers before collapse?

The Meanstream Media Mice peddled the Press Releases faster and faster than what they had been doing on the actual day we had the second coup d’├ętat we had in my lifetime. They somehow, somewhere, for some reason started to “believe” that everything they had been seeing and reporting was now a “new official Zeitgeist reality” being handed out from the White House and Administration Press Releases. White became black, black became white and the soul of the 4th estate became the bankrupt shell it is today as President’s Eisenhower’s prophetic words came to be. The Commercial/Military/Industrial Complex had just pulled off another coup ‘d’├ętat in my lifetime. “Another Pearl Harbor” And the New World Order is ALREADY HERE. There is NOTHING that Meanstream Media Mice can do as a 4th estate to help you now. It’s too far down the wrong “Golden Path”.

The first being the question Meanstream Media Mouse Sam Donaldson wants to ask Fidel Castro on his deathbed…Did YOU kill John F. Kennedy?

No Sam. Fidel didn’t kill JFK; you haven’t WATCHED the EVIDENCE which PROVES that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Vice-President Johnson, Herbert Hoover and the head of the Secret Service. Nor did the Warren Commission even ASK the ORIGINAL Doctors and Nurses in Dallas Parkland Memorial Hospital where JFK was first brought about his body’s condition. Apparently neither did the Meanstream Media Mice, nor are they, nor Obama, STILL willing to ask or “look back” for a view of our BRUTAL TRUTH HISTORY.

Links to the short videos of the above information:

Secret Service Stand Down

Call between LB Johnson and JE Hoover

6 Part Compilation of Video Interviews n Evidence not considered by Warren Commission:

Once Johnson was in office any talk about sharing the Moon Race with the Russians was gone, and also the pull-out of ‘advisors’ to South Vietnam reversed course and Johnson escalated that involvement eventually to under-take another “False Flag” event…The Gulf of Tonkin as an excuse to fully invade Vietnam. Here the Meanstream Media Mice were once more on a treadmill. Although the media eventually helped populate the anti-war movement, published the leaked Pentagon Papers, it wasn’t until Nixon’s second term that he found it expedient to end the war as he was about to be impeached from the Watergate Affair where two reporters and a newspaper with integrity FINALLY stood up as the leading 4th estate leader.

Meanstream Media Mice were a bit slow on the uptake during the Reagan Years early on. He was a Hollywood Movie Star besides being a President and those ratings and popularity polls made it seem even harder to fight for the Brutal Truths of those Arms-for-Hostages details that were hiding just below the surface of their still feverish pace. Oliver North directed out of the Reagan White House a service that enhanced cocaine distribution:

It continued into the 1st George Bush Sr. Presidency:

President George Bush Sr., a “Skull n Bones” member as well as both The Council on Foreign Relations, New American Century and other New World Order advocates. In fact it was THIS President Bush which OPENLY declared on many occasions about the coming New World Order that he was in partnership to create to control Planet Earth. Did the Meanstream Media Mice investigate this New World Order “thingy” and get the Who, What?, When, Where?, Why?, n How? Of this coming “beast”? Nope. That was ALL left to the “conspiracy fringe nuts”, the ‘whackos”; as if who wouldn’t want a World Dictator?

So the “1st Gulf War” happened for one reason only…CHEAP OIL as I think any person of common sense can now say since even Dark Lord Cheney himself said that to go further than freeing Kuwait and invade Iraq was insane.

Why did the US Supreme Court interfere with a Presidential election so that another Bush Skull n Bones could have a spot once more as “Commander in Chief”? Did “The Secret Government” as Bill Moyers once stated in a 25 min documentary :

want the country to be taken down a new timeline?

The FACT that I, and 89% of other Americans just 3 years after 9-11 :

KNOW that 9-11 was a US induced “False Flag Event” again just as The Gulf of Tonkin incident was, this brings us even closer to the “torture memos” and current history.

If one can still believe that 19 bumbling Saudis from a rag-tag element of the Afghanistan Taliban caused EVERYTHING that happened on 9-11 then you are simply uninformed with the BRUTAL TRUTHS OF 9-11 and US Government.

There is no shame in being uninformed about something, but to REMAIN in that condition and then perpetuate a fantasy that your own government could never and would never lie to you, or to kill their own people (including sitting Presidents), then you become of the millions of sheeple that the Meanstream Media Mice are designed to keep you feed, fat, unquestioning of authority, and to accept ALL “official government press releases” without question. Because that is what the 4th Estate has become. Shoving government press releases, approved ‘scholars n experts’ to try and give a ‘fair and balanced’ opinion. Cheaper to pay for a scholar or expert opinion than actually LEARN and INVESTIGATE the issues of the day and to have those REPORTERS actually do some actual reporting of problems, solutions, and the BRUTAL TRUTHS of the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of a thing.

It is way past time that Meanstream Media Mice stop peddling government press releases without sustentative facts.

Where are ALL the videos in FBI hands of the security cameras overlooking the Pentagon on 9-11? President Obama…open government?

Why are there STILL, some 62 years later after Roswell, UFO, ETI, Alien Spacecraft sightings documents, video, radar tapes, and NASA documents STILL classified if all of it is swamp gas?

Why doesn’t the United States Government stand for the “Rule of Law” where NO ONE is above the law? Forgiving and moving on beyond Torture and Genocide should not be America’s legacy as it was in our beginning when we nearly wiped out the Native American Indians.

Open Government means also accountability of government. Area 51 workers deserve workman’s compensation for health related injuries while working there, even if it means telling their health professionals the exotic chemicals they are being exposed to.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The “Republican Fiscal Conservative” Myth Shattered

The “Republican Fiscal Conservative” Myth Shattered

President Obama’s first news conference laid into the consciousness of the American People that the Republican policies when they are in control are responsible for not only the American economic crisis but the meltdown of the world wide financial system and the credit markets. That greed for greed’s sake is the underlying goal in the hearts of the hardest and coldest of the “Republican Fiscal Conservatives”.

He should have had visual aids to help show this. One would be the chart from the Bush 43’s own White House administration showing the growth of the Debt/vs GDP and WHEN and WHO’s watch it occurred on.

US National Debt and WHO is responsible for it and it's numbers climbing after Regan. 1950-2010

or even more enlightening:

The Entire National Debt and Who is Responsible for It 1938-2012

I hope EVERYONE notices that it is the “Republican’s Fiscal Conservatives” Administrations under which all this debt occurred.

When Clinton gave Bush Jr a surplus budget, Bush Was a Big-Government Disaster:

He left Obama with $2 TRILLION in debt wrapped up on the White House desk. 9-11 is still viewed by those who research, think and use common sense looking at the data, the testimony, the videos as a “False Flag” event to get us INTO the Iraq War. The lies that the Bush Administration has now been openly shown to have made remain unanswered or unapologized for. 9-11 was done by 19 bumbling Saudis is as laughable as the “Lone Gunman” and the “Magic Bullet” theory of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Mainstream Media will touch neither despite overwhelming evidence. The “GateKeepers” are still operating as the hagiographers of each and every story to hit their corporate underlings.

Can “blogging” really help with these as DailyKos and others helped shaped change THEY wanted…but what about the brutal truth of history. Who will fight for that?

Or are we going to continue to allow the “Republican Fiscal Conservative” myth to remain veiling over the “Secret Government” that even PBS acknowledges at least.

Or can we get SOME media wonks to use the two charts above in 1st two links showing the falsity of their claims and get them to QUESTION them with follow-ups?