Wednesday, June 22, 2005

One World Government response

We all I think must bow to our common sense and realize there already is a world-wide New World Order (NWO) group who controls, at the most highest policy levels, the things that affect our security, news, our governments and our money and the ability to earn that money; and they also pre-determine what we spend our money on through marketing savvy and even what we might learn through the politicization of education, social and science arenas. Being an educator who was fired for merely filing a Freedom of Information Act against NASA (WITH the college President's auspices and my immediate supervisor's also); I can attest that WHAT is taught in the classroom IS politically controlled. Recent news events about religion in school and gay lifestyle children's books in public libraries underscores that point.

It is my opinion that we must all realize that first and foremost we are all still EARTHLINGS, and we were NEVER alone in the Universe. Until THAT happens, any kind of cohesive support for a One World Government (OWG) won't happen. And in 'conspiracy land' it shouldn't be too much longer before the NEO-CON's currently in power bring out the 'fake alien invasion' to further the set path to the eventual cohesive real OWG entity of some form or another they really want, and want to control it. Which is why they want Bolten at the United Nations (UN). If they could re-form the UN into what they want, that would save the time and trouble to create a new organization without tearing apart the infrastructure that the UN already has in place. Why create something when you can steal/hijack its control mechanisms? They also want SOME form of 'democracy' in Iraq/Summeria. In order for the 'alien invasion' threat to take hold and allow the overall general consensus for giving SOME world-wide governmental entity of some sort to have credibility, the ETI reality must be addressed as true publicly. The most likely way, imho, for that to happen is the vindication of many Mars anomalists and alternate archeologists; is for the 'unmasking' of the Cydonia Face on Mars being real, unequivocally and officially. The official 'spin' would blend the Face with Ancient Sumaria and the almost miraculous emergence of that civilization with farming, herding, writing, geometry, astrology/astronomy, and the travels of Giglamesh. And they would want to that area to be gearing toward some form of democracy, hence we are there.

Once the planet's population realizes that contact with ETIs may become an everyday occurrence for SOME Earthlings and that commercial trade would be possible, THEN there would be no stopping those in control now from OPENLY consolidating and optimizing their plan for the future of the human species. For make sure YOU now realize that in the future, a Homo Sapien may not be an Earthling. We will have Lunarians, Spacelings, and yes eventually even Martian babies. Those in power now will always be in power through their bloodlines and behests, bequests and wills, treaties and alliances of mutual advantage. The apparent disagreement in our government between Democrat and Republican is merely disagreements on methods and timetables. Both have the goal of control of the above process. Both realize the above mentioned process of ETI officially acknowledged, in what-ever manner, is inevitable.

It is my opinion that until the methodology of PAYING for governmental services changes from it's current 'pay as you go' method to a more commercialized accounting methodology in conjunction with removal of currencies from the fluctuation of speculators that any government cannot BEST provide all the services and infrastructure its people really need. A certain percentage of the power of 'new money' that the current fractional banking' system creates needs to be applied to governmental capital expenditures. Taxes on people would only have to pay for the operational costs of government. Capital costs would come from a percentage of 'new money' our 1913 Fraction Banking system creates each year. Banks would retain the remaining percentage allowed. By law only our Congress has the power to create money, in 1913 we 'rented' that power to a group of bankers...trouble is...the bankers have never paid any rent to our government, to it's stakeholders, citizens, you n me taxpayers, for that power in all those years. That is fact...dig deep...Google...Yahoo...MSN...How is 'new' money made? How are currency rates set? How is 'new money' used? Have the banks ever paid us taxpayers any rent for that power?

An interesting read is a developing book:

A one world government is...inevitable.

It still remains possible for us to help shape parts of it.

Humanity needs to evolve into a variety of space-faring species, real soon.