Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sometimes the bad folks win

And there isn't a fracking thing you can do about it. No matter how right you may know you are, sometimes fighting a fight with a brick wall will only smash your head into a pulp and the weather or the bad folks will wipe away any remaining residue of your existence.

I know I have said time and time again that:

If we give up they win, period.

Well sometimes it maybe be better to call the reality the way it is and realize that when you are faced with insurmountable odds, there will be no way of winning your fight, no matter how much you try and no matter how much you may be in the right.

It's like computers sometime have 'glitches' no-one can solve.

One only has to look at the way the world is today as we see it all around us in our neighborhoods and around the world. We see terrorism winning around the world with every dead body from babies to old people, and with every Constitutional right we have either legislated away by our self-serving politicians, or have had them taken away by those same politicians or bureaucrats. Can we fight a suicide bomber who is willing to die to kill you if we don't know who they are? Can we fight the politicians when they themselves are the most egregious law breakers themselves? Can we fight the bankers n financiers when they not only hold all the monetary capital...but make and break rules as they go along at their whim the same way the politicians and bureaucrats do? Can we fight to get out the 'truth' to the people via the media when the media itself is owned by the Corporations and their advertisers' interests?

And who's 'truth' would we be able to tell even IF we could get a message on mainstream media? We see Islamic extremists today as the most prominent problem. Yet did they see problems in their history when the West invaded Arabia and decided to cut up the countries by drawing lines arbitrarily on a map? Or when the West decided this ruler or king was a better choice for the Wests' interests over the Arab peoples' interests? Even among the Arabs themselves...who decides it is okay for Sunni to kill Shiite? Who can fight against such an insane way to run the planet?

Take a look at a very very old ancient website I saved from the long lost www:

The Secret History of USA

We have always had our issues with food safety here in the West as we grew 'civilized'...but now we import so much from everywhere around the globe we have to be aware of what some single farmer in a small village in China is putting into his crops or ponds to increase his yield so that he might make a few extra dollars or yen while jeopardizing not only our own life and safety but even those of our pets in food we normally would not be scrutinizing. Now we HAVE to scrutinize nearly everything...everywhere across the planet.

Does that we mean we have to invade every country to insure our safety? Sure hasn't worked for our safety concerning Iraq and Islamic Extremists there or elsewhere. We have only made the problem worse according to the Militarises' and Intelligence's own judgements. And as for judgements...did we REALLY get informed before invading Iraq? Not ONE of the Congressional people running for President even READ the FULL briefing documents before voting for the authorization to let George Bush Jr alone declare war on Iraq. They never READ all the dissenting opinions in the report nor how unsure the intelligence actually was concerning these mysterious Weapons of Mass Destruction. No amount of 'in person briefings' can substitute for a deliberate and scholarly STUDYING of the documentation of an issue than listening to biased personal briefings that may be swayed by your own presence. Instead we saw a planned invasion of another country that had it's beginning well before George Bush Jr and Dick Cheney ever took office. We saw that they put on a sophisticated strategy to 'sell' this war to the media and the People and Congress and called everyone who wanted to THINK about this before acting...unpatriotic.

How can one fight against a government that acts like that? Congress under the Republicans didn't do ANY oversight on the Administrative branch while they held power. In the November 2006 election Democrats were finally given a slim majority of ONE (1) in the Senate and a slight majority in the House. Have they done the kind of forceful and needed oversight that many of us would like to see? Has the Bush Administration been held accountable for breaking the law? And even IF somehow they can get 'charges' brought to bear on the White House and Administrative branch of government...will the current or next President simply pull a Gerald Ford and give everyone a pardon? How is THAT Justice? How is THAT going to stop these types of behaviors in the future?

Recently we learned just some of the dirty nasty deeds that the CIA did from it's early years to about 1975. Did anyone think this type of behavior simply stopped in 1975? We have seen from AbuGraab, GITMO, 'secret CIA prisons' across the globe that these types of activities continue right now in modern times. Can we fight against all those bad things and make a difference?

Today I wouldn't be surprised that as VP Dick Cheney is given the FULL POWER of the Presidency and George Jr is undergoing a colonoscopy that he will give his freind "Scooter" Libby a FULL PARDON...not just a communatation of his sentence as Pres George Jr. did

No folks...sometimes the "Bad Guys" just win. period.

And there isn't ANY frackin thing we can do about it.

Sad...but in today's's the Brutal Truth.