Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Joker Judges Juggling Justice

Joker Judges Juggling Justice

Joker Judges Juggling Justice until it becomes not only blind but deaf and dumb as well. I guess the seed for this entry started when the Supreme Court of the United States ( that giant private Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and basically anyone richer than you are could give a false promise to some petty politicians for political gain to come and take your home. The American Dream had just been sold to the highest bidder and the poor and middle class have been stabbed in the back by babbling bureaucrats padding the pockets of prattling politicians who promise pretty platitudes. In one of her final rulings: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote, ‘Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms.’

In addition the June 6, 2005 Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the Federal Government can put cancer patients in jail for even trying to acquire and use marijuana for medical purposes even if they have Doctor's orders and can grow their own natural plants in their own backyard. What's next? Prohibition against Dandelion Wine? How 'free' is a nation where it's citizens cannot be the kings n queens of their own lands, growing their own natural nutrients, and simply minding their own damn business can be uprooted and thrown into the street or locked up and left penniless as their government seizes their persons and property without a single person being harmed, except those who the government's wrath has fell upon. Is THIS the type of freedom and democracy more than 1750 lives, thousands of wounded American lives, thousands of Iraqi deaths and tens of thousands injured Iraqis are learning about what America stands for?

The last refuge of the poor and innocent are the courts and law of a land to fight the injustices of those with power and guns and wealth. How does our court system protect such innocents among us? In Coeur D'Lane Idaho is an innocent young girl who is lucky to be alive after living with a man who killed 4 of her relatives in front of her. A man who had a long history of killing and death and horror surrounding him. Yet still some Joker Juggling Justice let a known and convicted predator out into the world after being charged ( with molesting a 6 year old boy in a Minnesota playground. How did District Judge Thomas Schroeder not know this man was a level 3 sex offender? Ignorance of the law is no excuse defendants are often admonished, does the same not also apply of the law we trust to protect us? Is ignorance of the history of the defendant also no excuse for such egregious maljurisprudence? Is this how American democracy protects the poor and innocent of our society? Is this the kind of democracy we want in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and across the globe?

Is merely asking such questions cause for attack from the government of laws who wish to keep the answers to such questions absolutely secret from the general public at large? They say 'free speech' isn't free and that there's a price to pay in the lives of our military who fight valiantly to protect our freedoms and those who died in bringing them about. Without a free press to poke into the secret darkness of government actions we are not a free nation nor a democratic one. Today a journalist goes to jail ( for no crime, who wrote no story, and is merely the first domino of a political wall that shall surely eventually come tumbling down around a pile at the center of which will be a pack of political platitudes pontificated by politicians all of which in the end will be found to be merely empty lies based on nothing more than meanness n spite. And in the end it all started about what got us into Iraq. Into what is the difference between the 'quicksand' we are now in and the 'quagmire' that was Vietnam.
The government is intruding into our personal lives ever more and the Terri Shaivo case is an example where laws have become personalized to a degree that makes the upcoming vacancy in the Supreme Court of supreme importance for everyone in America. The examples above are but the tip of an iceberg that is heading for the rights of our American Heartland with the accuracy shown in the recent encounter of Deep Impact by the 'Modern Freemasons of Flight' into Temple 1. There is an encounter coming, a showdown between the left and right, between good and evil, and between right and wrong. The line in the sand has been drawn, what remains to be seen is how wide it is and on what side we find ourselves of its limits, if it has any limits at all.