Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The “Republican Fiscal Conservative” Myth Shattered

The “Republican Fiscal Conservative” Myth Shattered

President Obama’s first news conference laid into the consciousness of the American People that the Republican policies when they are in control are responsible for not only the American economic crisis but the meltdown of the world wide financial system and the credit markets. That greed for greed’s sake is the underlying goal in the hearts of the hardest and coldest of the “Republican Fiscal Conservatives”.

He should have had visual aids to help show this. One would be the chart from the Bush 43’s own White House administration showing the growth of the Debt/vs GDP and WHEN and WHO’s watch it occurred on.

US National Debt and WHO is responsible for it and it's numbers climbing after Regan. 1950-2010

or even more enlightening:

The Entire National Debt and Who is Responsible for It 1938-2012

I hope EVERYONE notices that it is the “Republican’s Fiscal Conservatives” Administrations under which all this debt occurred.

When Clinton gave Bush Jr a surplus budget, Bush Was a Big-Government Disaster:


He left Obama with $2 TRILLION in debt wrapped up on the White House desk. 9-11 is still viewed by those who research, think and use common sense looking at the data, the testimony, the videos as a “False Flag” event to get us INTO the Iraq War. The lies that the Bush Administration has now been openly shown to have made remain unanswered or unapologized for. 9-11 was done by 19 bumbling Saudis is as laughable as the “Lone Gunman” and the “Magic Bullet” theory of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Mainstream Media will touch neither despite overwhelming evidence. The “GateKeepers” are still operating as the hagiographers of each and every story to hit their corporate underlings.

Can “blogging” really help with these as DailyKos and others helped shaped change THEY wanted…but what about the brutal truth of history. Who will fight for that?

Or are we going to continue to allow the “Republican Fiscal Conservative” myth to remain veiling over the “Secret Government” that even PBS acknowledges at least.


Or can we get SOME media wonks to use the two charts above in 1st two links showing the falsity of their claims and get them to QUESTION them with follow-ups?