Friday, April 25, 2008

Common Sense Politics

Common Sense Fix for the Democrats for November 2008 election AND the inter-party squabling amoung our selves. The Honorabale Junior Senator Barak Obhama should step aside as the potential CIC and agree to be the VP choice to The Honorable Senator Hillary-Rhodam-Clinton be the Nominee for the Presidency. While working at Sen Clinton's side he would get inside experience on the who, what, when, where, how and why of being a Resident of the White House means. As a man, and even more that he is a African-American man, he should as matter of "A Gentleman's" courtesy to open the door for a lady, he should let the honor of breaking the Glass Ceiling of the Presidency to the CREATORS of our citizens of planet EARTH (remember all those voters were babies once- from- a woman) and to let a WOMAN, from who Human Life begins have first reigns over the Greatest Nation on PLanet may not be the best right now...but it was great enough "to put a Man on the Moon and Return Him Safely to the Bonds Of Earth".... it can be so again if we come to think ourselves not only as Americans. but fellow Earthlings on this planet no matter where one lives. Lives have value....every life. It's past time a woman sat in charge of the US Armed Serices...some woman produced each soldier over in Iraq and Afhanistan and around Planet Earth and possibly beyond. You want to give America a chance to vote for change...THIS idea will break McCain's 100 year strategy in November, 2008. The idea is open, on my table and seems like such a common sense idea. It is the BEST way to beat McCain and give CHANGE in huge way to the voters of America who are tired of the Republicans. Not to mention the rest of planet.

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Robert Searle said...

In the light of the above article I think Transfinancial Economics project may be of interest. It is still at the time of writing in the process of research, and development. Click on my name to find out more.

robert said...

Your "name" link led me to a blank wiki article page. I am interested enough to help with your project but as someone who has been "on the net" since before even my college where I was teaching had the web for my students...I would suggest that you actually HAVE something in your "link" BEFORE putting it out there...just a suggestion that you don't make the same error again.

Alternatively if you HAVE a website your url for that could have been posted even if you don't know how to "imbed" html code similiar to this:

Hijack the Starship

which really just goes to one of my other blog article whose url is :

the above for YOUR site, if you have site url putting THAT out would have been better than a blank wiki page.

Just trying to help your effort here really and NOT meant to be 'meanspirited'...but being a teacher for nearly a decade it's hard not to help those who I think might need a little 'coaching'.

I truly think that "Transnational Economics" ARE important and actually are at the BASIS for the USA's and the world's current crisis. So I AM VERY interested in your effort.

Please stay in touch.