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Will MRO seek the Cydonia Smoker?

Will MRO seek the Cydonia Smoker?

Since the beginning of time for humans we have gazed at the stars and come to know some of them as planets. In our earliest writings of Sumaria, Egyptian, Indian and other ancient tongues written in the dawn of human self expression; we even knew of other beings, other intelligences that sailed among the stars as we sailed down our own rivers on Earth. Then came a long darkness that obliterated all human written expression until about 6,000 years ago. Even then our records and thoughts were crudely scrawled onto stone tablets and cavern walls and sealed away in darkness to hide and preserve what knowledge we had gained. It was not until the 're-invention' of the printing press and paper that human knowledge about the Universe started to spread beyond the high priests of religion and into the ordinary masses of humanity where one did not need a 'God' to read and write what our thoughts were. Education and evolution took a giant leap into the future, barely glancing back at the past left behind.

Now in the modern times we find the 'high priests of science' saying that old writings were nothing more than religious myths, superstitions and legends that according to them, no longer are a REAL written record of what happened tens of thousands of years ago. Yet, who are these 'high priests of science' to say what the Universe really was so long ago? Were they there ice age after ice age keeping records alive? When the Egyptian Sphinx is geomorphically dated at 10,000 years who is to say who was here and from where they came with any guarantee of certainty? Are there any clues left behind in our Solar System about humanity's past where they might have lived in the darkness of no recorded thoughts?

On a red star in the sky that we now know to be the planet Mars there is a place called Cydonia. It is a magic place. It is a place of monuments to magic. The kind of magic that comes from the intelligent heart made manifest into a working focus of thought for the common effort of all together for the common good of all. It IS a magic place where great deeds were done and great monuments were built to last through the eons of history for ANY intelligences who were passing through and looking at our Solar System for clues of life and intelligence.

There on the plains of Cydonia is a bi-faceted FACE crying into the indifferent stars of the Universe with messages and portents. What they all are we ourselves can never be truly sure until we re-visit there as we must have done in the long lost dark and distant past. For the FACE on Mars is part humanoid like man and part feline like the King of Beasts. Like the duality of our own inner war in each human soul between reason and madness. That we have the capacity for great works of art, architecture, literature, music, poetry and more wondrous delights to soothe our savage hearts in dreams of solace and solitude. But that we also have the nightmares of our memories of the savage, cruel, and indiscriminate killings of each other over nothing more than the disagreement of the name of the God of our Universe. As if in our hubris we thought, and many still do, that in these tens of thousands of years of history; we alone could be above the Creator and force a false name upon Him, the Father of all the Universe, and force others to that will.

The message is that we were once of that place in Cydonia on the Planet of War. That Mars could have been our 'Eden' of the Bible cast out by our own hubris. The total destruction of the planet is a message that the 'beast' still beats and guides our hearts and the modern day headlines of the news only confirms this sad but BRUTAL TRUTH.

Another message is that there is hope for human kind yet if our ancestors could have been involved in building these monuments, maybe we can change our ways before it is too late. Before we have gone too far down the wrong GOLDEN PATH and fallen off the edge of the world and back into the long darkness between the stars where only SHADOWS live. A darkness where all we have learned will once again be turned into unrecognizable rubble. There is a message that we cannot keep taking from Mother Earth, polluting and raping Her without consequences. There is a message that our Father Creator of the Universe can forgive is we can only change our hearts to the brutal truth that the Universe is His and only HE can decree what can and cannot be. If we can become the dreamers, the shapers, the singers, and the makers of history under HIS guidance. If we can re-discover our dreams when our hubris and folly has forced the Universe to steal our dreams from us.

We must have strong good dreams to believe in. We must dream of our own intellectual hearts working in a common purpose together for the common good, for the brutal truth understanding of the everlasting goodness of HIS Universe. Then we can once more sail between the stars with the ones who came before us and are awaiting for us to awaken once more. This re-awakening begins on the plains of Cydonia. It begins by accepting the reality of what lies there and beginning the journey to understanding the messages and portents that the monuments move us to wonder at. It begins by first LOOKING at these monuments and truly seeing and acknowledging them for what they are...magical messages through the eons for all who come after they were made.

The FACE on Mars in Cydonia is the most famous of these monuments, but is not the only monument in this great plain. Although this one and a half mile high and mile wide FACE is the most enigmatic and compelling monument, it is by no means the only large monument there. The DnM Pyramid is a five sided feature nearly as large as the FACE and is also as enigmatic and compelling. There are many other features there that SHOULD be called Martian Monuments, but the 'high priests of science' won't even recognize the FACE despite clear evidence of an evenly raised platform the FACE sits upon, two eye sockets side by side, eyeball and two nostrils aligned along a nose ridgeline that stops above a set of ridges that form its mouth. ALL of these features lie atop the evenly made playform in the proper places and proportions for a FACE. There is NO 'eye' in the forehead, no nostrils on the cheeks, no eyeball lolling in the mouth. No, ALL these features are ON the platform in right places, of the correct sizes and proportions of any FACE; even if it is a bi-faceted one. It is long past time the 'high priests of science' give Cydonia a proper and prolonged honest BRUTAL TRUTH look at the Monuments on Mars on the Cydonia plain. It is the mirror of ourselves.

But this article is about another feature on the Cydonia plain. A feature that was not seen in the early in 1976 Viking data like the FACE and DnM Pyramid were. But this feature IS a pyramid. A four sided Egyptian style pyramid that rests at the edge of a cliff, high above the Cydonia plain, on the edge of a small string of hills in the western region of Cydonia. The following is from my original website CommonSenseCentral concerning this feature and includes all four (4) images acquired to date. Also included is an image showing what appears to be a frozen lake of liquid water !!!


Welcome to a most interesting piece of real estate on Mars, imho.
Located in downtown of the Cydonian Village,
At the center of Cydonia County, Acidalia Province-Planet: Mars

The above image was gratefully done by Keith Laney NASA Ames Associate Image Processor.

More of his astounding and amazing and superior work with imaging and help with selecting the spot for the Mars MER2003 Rovers sent to Mars click the links below to go to his work:
NASA AMES Rover Landing Sites

The following images are my own work which is basically taking them directly from NASAView and only rotating them to show the feature from the same angle. The editorial part is my own comments on this enigmatic feature which appears to have a vapor coming from the hole in the side of this feature. A hole which appears to have no visible bottom despite the sun shining stright down into in all four (4) seperate images of this feature taken to date.

If you notice at the right of the 90o corner of the above feature is a 'crater-hole' that appears slanted evenly with the slope of the hillside. The ring of the 'crater-hole' has a distinctly higher albedo (brightness) than the hillside itself. This brightness is dimmed by a vapor of some consistency that is coming from the opening up and to slight right as evidenced by the diffusing (blurring) of the pixels. Knowing that the MOC camera resolution is 2.5 meters per pixel for this image one can use a microcomputer graphics application like Paintshop and using pixels on the ruler measure the diameter of the hole at ~33 pixels wide. Since 2.5 m also equals ~8.2 feet we can use our math and critical thinking skills to determine that the crater hole is ~82.5 meters or ~270.6 feet in diameter. The left side of the ring around the hole has an average pixel grayscale value from the program's eyedropper tool of ~143.875 and the right or dim side under the vapor only has a pixel scale average of ~91.356. There is an average difference from one side of the ring to the other side under the vapor of ~52.519. This is definitive evidence that 'something' is obscuring the right hand portion of the ring from the MOC. Can you think of, or see, another spot above that may be measured using this type of microcomputer graphics program to distinguish pixelation values along a single feature or ridge?

The ORIGINAL MGS MOC image can be found by following the link provided to the official PDS repository site on the internet for public consumption of this mission and final archiving. The feature pictured above is in the top left of the 6th portion of official USGS PDS images.

An update on March 24, 2001:

The 'Smokin' Pyramid of Cydonia' was re-imaged again by MSSS/JPL/NASA but is not yet part of the official USGS repository for the data from this spacecraft, the ONLY working spacecraft officially recognized publicly as working, although recent news stories say that the MPL 'may' have been found, intact, sitting on its 3 little legs and may in fact be beeping home!

Here is the second 'Smokin' Pyramid of Cydonia' image, note there is STILL vapor and haze surrounding this feature and appearing to emanate from the crater-hole. Also the ring around the crater-hole is STILL diffused (blurred) from the vapor; only now some areas are less diffuse than they were in the previous image indicating that the actual ground albedo of the rim is steady and that only the thickness of the vapor has changed on the right side of the ring showing clearly that some type of vapor IS obscuring the landscape topography that is clearly emanating from that crater-hole.

What do YOU think about this feature? Is it our FIRST real sign of active geological features happening on Mars NOW in real time that YOU can use your microcomputer and the skills you learn in computer class to investigate some of the most wonderful discoveries being made about our most enigmatic and intriguing planet in the Solar Neighborhood?

You can never get answers to questions if you do not have the curiosity to even look and the courage to ask the questions. As all my students knew, asking questions is the very BEST part of learning. Because for every GOOD question asked, the answers will always leave us with even more questions to ask; further taking our learning experience to new and unimaginable heights of awareness and enlightenment.

Enjoy mind gives your soul character.


Update: 11-20-2001

Link to original image for the second look at the Smoker!


Update 02/08/2002

I have created a Flash animation of the wind flow over the above images. You must have the Flash plug-in to view this animation.

Cydonia Smoking Pyramid animation

Please use your back button on browser to return here after viewing.

May 9, 2002
And yes, it's STILL SMOKIN' ! ! !

And if you want to check out the ORIGINAL and full image along with the ancillary data, it can be found here:

I have maintained ALL along that THIS feature is a most enigmatic and interesting feature that is as important as the Cydonia Face, the D & M Pyramid, the Tholus and the City among other anomalies across Cydonia and on Mars itself.

Like LIQUID WATER on Mars:

That look like a LAKE OF LIQUID WATER to you???


Update November 1, 2002. There was no new images of this feature in either the MGS MOC or the THEMIS data dumps of October 2002. I have added Keith's great image at the top of the page to emphasize the image and the feature as I think it is an indication of CURRENT activity underground on Mars in Downtown Cydonia. It is unfortunate that despite several releases of Cydonia by the ASU THEMIS team, THIS feature has yet to be imaged in the more 'western' part of town. I hope this changes and that an image of this feature with the TRUE COLOR VIS image system as well as daytime AND nighttime infrared images can be acquired of this enigmatic feature that, imho, is currently ACTIVE on Mars in real time NOW!
Tonight as I do this update to CSC, in about ONE ( 1 ) hour, NASA/JPL and the THEMIS team are about to conduct their second Official News Conference from this spacecraft. I have commented on the First Odyssey News Conference and I also have a very precise and historic treatise of Mars Exploration Since 1976 which I prepared for this second news conference. I have faxed, emailed, mailed and hand delivered copies of this latest to many many people, including political and media representatives. I sincerely hope we can FINALLY, after 26 years get MORE of a comment from NASA/JPL about Cydonia than it all is just a 'trick of light and shadow'. The amazing wonders of Mars are staring us all directly in the FACE, it will continue to do so no matter how often, or how many people, wish to look the other way.
It is PAST time to FACE the mirror that is Mars and is laying there in those 'dead, dry, dusty dunes' of Cydonia.

NASA's Martian Watershed
The upcoming news conference by Dr. Roger Gibbs the new Project Manager for the Mars Odyssey Spacecraft touted by NASA here:

" Odyssey fits into the broader Mars Exploration Program objective to follow the water, seeking to determine if life ever arose on Mars. "
is actually the entire NASA Agency's own 'watershed' for honest scientific integrity in fulfilling its chartered mandate to search for life elsewhere. We sincerely hope Dr. Gibbs represents a significant change in the channel of static we have been getting from NASA/JPL about Mars and Cydonia. While we have been 'following the water' since 1976, and even if some had to go 'kicking and screaming':

in the last few years, we have all come to agree and know that Mars is actually much more wet than mainstream planetary scientists had originally thought. Along with evidence of Martian LIFE being found in a Martian Meteorite and evidence conditions have been proved to be existent for that life to develop and exist today:

the issue of 'water' on Mars has long been a been there done that kind of thing if NASA/JPL would only LOOK at the images they have been releasing:

There are LIQUID LAKES of the stuff laying there in the open, plain as day. Water we already KNOW its there, we also know that there once existed LIFE, and intelligent life which constructed highly geometric mega Pyramids on Mars that dwarf the GIZA Pyramids of Egypt and there is EVIDENCE of that also, again if NASA/JPL bother to even LOOK!

In Cydonia these enigmatic features are waiting for humanity to come look into the mirror that is Mars.
Recently, the National Research Council:

Issued a warning that we should postpone human exploration of Mars. To quote Mars Anomalist researcher Mac Tonnies:
"Anything a JPL Lander can do, an astronaut can do more quickly, more fastidiously, and more intelligently."
From one of the above water links:

"This story, I don't believe, will be answered until someone goes with a pick and shovel to actually chip away at the landforms, Malin said."

Using Dr. Mike Malin's quoted comment is supremely appropriate to today's questions concerning Mars. We need humans there, we need to find out EVERYTHING in an honest and open manner about ALL the evidence of enigmatic features and aspects of Mars. Because also as Dr. Edgett said "It's not your mother's Mars," anymore.
NASA in the past has promised members of Congress and the American people to study the enigmatic features in Cydonia. To date there is no NASA public study other than tortured and fully debunked Jet Propulsion Laboratory Press Releases on comparisons to "Middle Butte-Idaho" which fell on it's own butte from a NASA engineer:

so they switched on the following image, in the following year 2002, to try 'Camel Humping' the public and once more slither their way out of FACING the truth,

but ended up only showing that their 2001 BUTTE image, was actually NOT presented honestly in a true orthorectified image:

Maybe JPL thought most Americans would 'believe' their own pseudoscience public relations propaganda AND their pseudoscience geometric orthorectified image of 2001 since a new study revealed most American people science illiterates:

and the fact that since its acquisition in April 8, 2001 the ancillary geometry data for that image STILL, as of this posting, has NOT been released under a 6 month only embargo contract. That's another broken promise in addition to the one which promised prior notifications and immediate release to the internet. Yet they withheld the image for 6 weeks to prepare the Middle Butte propaganda press release. They also had violated that prior notice promise here:

on 5 other occasions previously we know about for the FACE alone, and for more than 100 other Cydonia images (we currently know about and were also withheld beyond the 6 month private embargo period on a PUBLIC asset) on the other features in and around Cydonia. Yet with ALL those violations of that Cydonia promise, where are the NASA public studies on these issues?
No, NASA has produced NO public peer reviewed study on these highly artificially engineered geometric edifices that are placed in highly geometric places on the planet and in intelligent geometric relationships to each other. Despite more than a quarter century from the first Viking images which were wrongly dismissed as shadowed trickery NASA has avoided an HONEST and public SCIENTIFIC study of these features.

The only clear and unambiguous FACT from NASA/JPL is their own behavior to clearly and repeatedly avoiding having to take a public look at this extraordinary evidence and to perform an honest and public extraordinary investigation, as promised, of that evidence. Simply put, to actually perform the HONEST public science following the scientific methodology of modern times as its mandated and amended charter directs it to do. More broken promises and in light of the following, this behavior is no longer tolerable in a branch of our Federal Government which reflects on the entire country, and this Administration as a whole. Because if ALL we are ever going to get about Cydonia on Mars is more and more of staying tuned to the same channel of lies and distorted data and illegally withheld data; as new NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe has said, 'What's the point?"

Loss of the Mars Observer on August 22, 1993; the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter and the loss of the Mars Polar Lander in 1999 ( all for various different reasons ) leaves serious holes in Mars Research capabilities and opportunities for the inclusion of public participation in this exciting discovery process. The two currently working spacecraft, Mars Global Surveyor and the Mars Odyssey can successfully fill those holes, provided they are publicly used for such. Simply honest public scientific investigation of these extraordinary pieces of evidence is owed to the American Taxpaying Public. Not only to make up for the nearly 2 Billion in lost tax dollars, but to encourage and re-engage the public in scientific study of the mysteries of our Universe in an honest and open manner that is the hallmark of a FREE Democracy. Lately it seems the Russian space program has been more open and inclusive of the public than America's NASA, and especially is pointed out by American Denis Tito's trip to the ISS being fought tooth n nail by NASA here in the 'free democracy' of the USA.

The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) has completed its primary and 2 extended mission phases of which we presently know about. This spacecraft can, and should be, immediately tasked to cover the entire Cydonia area in 1.5 meter/pixel HighRes imaging with immediate and public release of that data. The MGS, and its attendant camera (MOC) is NOT the private personal property of the Principle Investigator Dr. Mike Malin or his privately held company Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS). This a NATIONAL asset paid for by the taxpayers. It BELONGS to the American People.period. To NOT task this spacecraft to fully and completely and publicly image Cydonia, now that it is free from its primary mission, is akin to saying it is Okey Dokey to let Enron tear our the guts of the White House and build President Bush an indoor baseball field to make up for the one they'll be losing.

This spacecraft BELONGS to us, the American People, it is way past time is was returned to us. The MGS and the Mars Odyssey spacecraft and its THEMIS camera system are National Assets that should be used to publicly fulfill NASA's chartered mandate to search for evidence of LIFE off the Earth. The enigmatic ruins laying there in plain view in Cydonia are those pieces of evidence for not only life but also intelligent life.

It is past time for NASA to FACE up to its responsibilities to the American People and to conduct a publicly open and honest extraordinary investigation into these extraordinary pieces of evidence that humanity may have never been alone. We are owed that much for NASA to make the effort, and to make that effort in full public view sharing what we find with these National Assets as they are found in real-time. To NOT do this means we have lost all trust in NASA itself to simply keep its word. To say what it means, and mean what it says. To keep the promises and policies is has made, and to NOT make promises and policy it has no intention of keeping by lying or misrepresenting itself to the American Public. In these troubled days of peril, to loose trust in the honesty and integrity of our government puts us all in a greater peril than we can presently imagine.

I sincerely hope that Dr. Roger Gibbs and the Mars Odyssey team make some Cydonia revelations when this news conference is held Thursday May 9 and Friday May 10. This time, RIGHT NOW, before the THEMIS camera system is INTENTIONALLY shut down later this year in a pre-planed hiatus from image acquisition, is a PRIME time to combine the very BEST of both spacecraft capabilities to produce TRUE COLOR images of Cydonia as seen by the human eye, to do a FULL INFRARED and SPECTRAL analysis of this area and combining and coordination of it with 1.5m/p HIGH RES images from the MGS MOC to produce for the public a proud and honest scientific look in an open manner in a Free Democracy showing the world what Leadership is all about.

If not, then NASA is simply not being honest with us in keeping promises to the Congress and American People, but also not being honest in compliance with the cherished scientific methodology of finding out the brutal truth of a thing. To do that, one must openly, publicly and thoroughly actually study that thing. NASA has YET to do that with Cydonia. They will also be doing deceased Dr. Carl Sagan's memory a grace disservice in that his:

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

This quote also makes true that "Extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary investigation, and an extraordinary investigation requires an extraordinary review and discussion process that is publicly open and honest." (c)1998 RHW.

NASA has failed to do this in more than 25 years of peeking at Mars, loosing spacecraft, and now having TWO (2) working spacecraft, one of which (MGS) is actually free from its primary mission. NOT giving Cydonia a full and extraordinary investigation is a gross violation of their mandate and also a pirating of Treasured National Assets for the private and personal politics and preferences of a very very few individuals as opposed to the thousands and thousands of people who HAVE been emailing, postal mailing, calling, faxing, and personally visiting NASA/JPL, media and political representatives DEMANDING that this area of Mars be FINALLY and OPENLY and IMMEDIATELY dealt with in an honest manner with immediate posting of that data collection as it happens to the www. Ultimately, we will settle for nothing less and the sooner NASA/JPL and the established mainstream realizes this, the quicker humanity can move on to personally visiting this mirror of humanity that has a constructed FACE staring back at us that is hauntingly familiar in our own morning mirrors.

Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.
Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ??
Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk.
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.
Bob... ;-{)

04-09-03 UPDATE ! NEW SMOKER IMAGE ! E14-01223



Now a few final words-05-31-2006:

There are several other links which one should view concerning the Monuments on Mars and their independant anylsis from NASA 'Pulic Relations Officer' oversight. Mostly concerning the FACE itself and the main area of Cydonia. The Cydonia Smoker is actually west of these main features, but these features are the most primary ones talked about since the Viking imagery in 1976 came back and showed us the Monumental Mirror that is Mars.

And HIGHLY recomended full viewing and reading:

Also From a current NASA engineer:

Also on a note on the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid mentioned in middle of this article. Robert Clark an independant Mars Anomaly researcher has done work with the IR data also, only his interests was in finding 'hot spots' in temperature value in the data. I believe he has indicated that the area of the Smoker is about 70-100 degrees farenheit higher than the plains down belown the cliff the Smoker sits atop of. One more indication that there IS something on-going and enigmatic happening with this feature.

Now to finish up with a few more political observations about our space program and its sad shape it currently finds itself in, why, and how we must change it.

On Memorial Day it is fitting to remember the 17 brave Space Patriots of our Nation's space program who died on the job trying to bring the human heart and soul out among the stars. The crew of Apollo 1, the Challenger crew, and also the crew of Columbia. We now today cannot launch any civilian into space. What our Military Space Program is one can only guess at the craft and technologies of places like Area 51, Groom Lake, Utah Facilities, HAARP, and what is under the bunkers at Wright Patterson AFB. Maybe if our Military Space Program wasn't so secretive, these 17 shining stars would still be here with us today. Maybe like what was planned for in the Apollo era, history would have put the Challenger and Columbia crews on Missions to Mars.

For we had such grand plans:

From above link done in September 1969 are some clonclusions concerning Mars:
"We have found questions about national priorities, about the expense of manned flight operations, about new goals in space which could be interpreted as a "crash program." Principal concern in this area relates to decisions about a manned mission to Mars. We conclude that NASA has the demonstrated organizational competence and technology base, by virtue of the Apollo success and other achievements, to carry out a successful program to land man on Mars within 15 years."

Both of the Bush Presidents' said they wanted an American humaned Mission to Mars. Both of them could have done more, gone further, and used the Military Space Program to its fullest extent and we would have been there by now. But alas, those political promises were simply more political platitudes of prattling politicians who never ever really had any intention of bringing about what they said and promised. Both said we were addicted to 'foreign oil' and must change. Yet again, neither did anything about it. Both could have, yet both are oil men through and through foremost before they are President of our great Americas. Their actions suggest they have sworn to uphold Big Oil's Corporate Profits before upholding the United States Constitution; and nobody in the media does or says anything to awaken the sheeple voters of America.

The Sheeple keep baa-baaing day in and day out while our brave fathers, mothers, sons and daughters die and are maimed to keep alive a seemingly unreasonable dream. A dream of a country where want is not known. A dream of a country where health care is guaranteed for all. A dream of a country safe from tryanny and betrayal from within as well as from without. A dream that lets American youth dream of one day walking among the stars within their lifetime. It is a noble dream this America of ours. But it is not a dream for everyone around the world. We cannot impose our dreams upon others around the world and force them to embrace it with bombs and bullets. Vietnam should have taught us that, yet sadly it is likely we have forgotten the lesson. What we have is precious, I agree. But who wants to work for another Enron guarded by another Arthur Anderson bookkeeper?

The very yound and very old need societal protection that Capitalism simply cannot give. We cannot force Walmart to pay better and give employees benefits with bullets and bombs, though many wish we would. Socialism of sorts is needed to bring compassion to the body politic. And Socialism of sorts is needed for us to reach out into the stars again giving us hope and a sense of awe and wonder. Capitalism did not put us on the Moon and it will not put us on Mars. Only with Socially working together can we achieve the goal of riding between the worlds of our Solar System and give us hope that one day we may sail among the stars.

We will surpass Ten (10) Trillion dollars in debt on this President George W. Bush's watch. What do we have to show for it? That is a staggering amount of money. More than 30,000 dollars for every man, woman, and child in America today. What has it bought us? For 10 Trillion dollars we could have had a dozen Moon bases and half a dozen Mars bases by now. Yet all we have are tens of millions dead and hundreds of millions wounded in wars since the 1970's and the end of the Apollo era. Now the plan to get back into space is simply "Apollo on Steroids." Maybe they'll let Barry Bonds be NASA administrator. Now that he's passed the 'Babe' in "out of the park" hitting, we could use some steroids in our Space Program. We could use some of the classified Black Projects of places like Area 51 also to jump start our civilian space program. But that would require a radical mind shift that I am afraid even the wisest of 'Owls' fail to see the necessity of it. We need new leaders at the TOP with vision, honesty, integrity and a commitment to the brutal truth of our Universe. We need to demilitarize the Military Space program and use as much as possible to transfer to the civilian program. Because if we don't do something new and radical soon, we may find ourselves stuck on planet Earth for a very long time. Until some giant mountain of rock comes tumbling into us from the far side of the Sun and turns the human race in a memory like T-Rex with hardly any traces left that we were here. We will not have the time, resources, or the will to build the kind of lasting Monuments that survive on Mars in Cydonia today, and for the eons to come. We will be obliterated as a species unless we find a new GOLDEN PATH to follow.

Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.

Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ???

Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk.
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Don't make promises and policies you don't intend to keep and to keep the policies and promises you do make.

ACTIONS speak louder than words.
ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.
ACTIONS are the final judgment of character.

It REALLY is that simple.

Bob... :D


It's time to HIJACK the STARSHIP ! ! !

How can YOU help???

Do NOT be just a sheeple...ACT for your OWN best interests and those of your children and grandchildren. There may not be time for further delay.


Sword said...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

“New Grounds”

This is a response to an interesting bit of information A poster called Robert wrote up a long time ago in a blogging realm a far far away. I had initially offered Robert the space of my blogg in which to post it. My kindling the fire seemed to work and he has posted an exhaustive effort on his own blogg space. You can find that stuff here:

Oddly enough – it wasn’t until recently that I started looking at sat and space images and wondering to myself – where are the clouds?

The three sets of images do show a specific area of the Martian landscape emitting some sort of vaporous out gassing.

Initially I referenced a book I had read call “Red Mars”[by a Kim Stanely Robinson]. In this book, colonists and teams of scientists are making a mad rush to tera-form the planet for massive immigration. One of there ideas to get warmth and humidity into the climate was to dig – “Mo-Holes” – large diameter shafts that went straight down into the warmer interior of the planet Mars.
This shaft went straight out into the open air of the planet – and gradually warmer air sublimed into the atmosphere. A heat vent – only much larger and working on a slow scale – or at least that’s they thought in the book – after digging just four of them they had to stop because the effect was far more than what they expected. Anyway – I think that’s what we got here…

A mohole next to a giant pyramid shape is an exhaust vent with a modified flume.
Nothing less – nothing more…
If you’re the left behind race of worker bee’s – what do you do to save your off course and quickly freezing planet? You stay working – you keep digging – and you never give up.
You have more than one of these down there, Robert – MRO is going to give you QUEIT a treat.


robert said...

Thanx for comment.

I agree that the feature 'may' be natural in nature and not some sort of artificial hole. Although my PERRSONAL opinion is that the thing IS artificial since the circle AROUND the hole is consistantly even around the hole. Also there is a ledge with a 'road' leading up the left side into a much smaller 'hole/entranceway' along the left side. Then there is the remains of some type of 'emblem' on the side of the Pyramid that has decayed a bit from its orginal shape, which might have been a pyramid-shape itself.

One fact I think is clear is that in all the images of this thing is that SOME type of VAPOR is eminating from this feature into the Martian atmosphere. Whether natural venting or the 'mo-holes' you mentioned we may need boots on the ground to really tell.

Thanx for thoughts.


djbarney said...


I think there is something
going on here that is not
helping your inspiring research. might have seen
my comments on Sword's
blog...but I'll reiterate

I think a HUGE division
has arisen between "anomalists" on one
side and the "Scientists" on the other.

I have started posting in the Universe
Today / Bad Astronomy Forum.

"Heresy" for a Cydonia "believer" ?

Well, read on.

You'll find the following link in there
new member info...

Now this highlights a misunderstanding I've only just

If these scientists "attack" you they are NOT
attacking YOU. They are attacking YOUR THEORY.

Now who "cries wolf" when this happens?

Yes...Mr Hoagland et'al. EVERYTIME a major scientist
addresses his theories and asks difficult questions
he says he is being "attacked".

Now, for anyone versed in "the way science works"
(As Mr Hoagland often claims) this "i'm being
attacked" thing is patently RIDICULOUS!

Why would such a respected "alternative" researcher
make such awful claims ?

Well....I've been reading "The Stargate Conspiracy".

Other "alternative" researchers also use the same
tactics as Hoagland. Namley Hancock and Bauvel.

Why ? Because they are members of Masonic / Elite
organisations with an agenda to push...namely that
the "elite" will soon gain access to "occult
secrets" released by The Pyramids...or in the case
of Hoagland...Cydonia.

Bob...You have always inspired me, and I have the
utmost respect for your theories and beliefs...

...but please..Be carefull of TEM and Hoagland!

I suspect Hoagland and the WHOLE "they are supressing
it" approach has frozen this research area for years!

Think about it. Why would the space agencies NOT
admit to KNOWING about Cydonia? Could it be because
it would then give credence to Hoagland/TEM and
their faulty approaches and dodgy hidden agendas?

I know you will probably reject what I'm saying
at first, as many "Hoagland Cult Members" (Sorry
it has to be said) ALWAYS do (just like any cult
with a powerful/hypnotic GURU).

Anyway...see the "Stargate Conspiracy" book.

Fare Well Bob ! :-D


IonTruO2 said...

Well done Bob, good to have you still with us.
I especially found you comment here thought provoking:

The kind of magic that comes from the intelligent heart made manifest into a working focus of thought for the common effort of all together for the common good of all.

Staying Tuned with you. Keep On.

Anonymous said...


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